Welcome to Skipper a Clipper!

We have been focused on providing the best possible boating holidays for a huge number of people over the past 50 years offering a wide range of boats for you to choose from - power boats, yachts and catamarans.
We invite you to spend your holiday aboard our yachts and want to match you up with the best choice. Explore the breathtaking beauty of  iconic Pittwater, with its charming bays and coves, just 40 minutes drive from Sydney's CBD. Swim in the clearest waters, sunbath on the snow-white deck, relax on the soothing bay waves and experience the peace of the starry night sky at sea.

Choose your boat, dates and book the unforgettable experience!

Welcome aboard!

COVID restrictions
We are open and we welcome everyone. Please remember some restrictions are still in force, and we strongly recommend you to check for the latest updates here: https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/rules.

 COVID cancellations
We will fully refund the cost of your reservation if you cannot arrive due to COVID lockdowns.
Yes, just money back, there is nothing to worry about.

Our cancellation policy is very friendly (please refer to out terms and conditions), but even this policy has restrictions. Do you want to have an option to cancel your reservation for any reason and receive full refund? Our “Cancellation Protection” does just that. It is an additional product that works like an insurance allowing you to cancel a reservation any time prior to the scheduled departure regardless of a reason and receive a full refund.


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