Charter or Syndicate ownership

A love of the water and the outdoor environment are some of the reasons people choose to own a boat. The reality is somewhat different. Most people living in today's society rarely have the time to spend every weekend on board their yacht. Finances and maintenance are high priority and with the choices and options available, most people want to be free to experience life in its entirety. Charter or Syndicate ownership gives you that freedom.

As a one of our owners you can be safe in the knowledge that your boat is being maintained and cared for by a team of highly experienced people. Our maintenance and training program is second to none.


Joining the family and becoming a charter owner with EOS yacht charter and Skipper a Clipper means that you will walk on and walk off your yacht knowing that we will be putting in the same love and attention that you would yourself. All our boats are members of a family each with their own personality, we get to know each vessel intimately and guarantee that every client who steps on board has gone through a process of familiarization on your boat and understands our expectations for the time they are on board.

Financially, owning a boat can be a major burden; we aim to minimalise these hurdles. From the beginning we offer advice and help to match the vessel to your needs. At EOS we deal directly with the suppliers on your behalf, so you can be assured that when your boat finally reaches the water you have purchased a boat totally suited to your needs.

Financial Benefits

The financial benefits of owning a charter yacht are obvious. For most people the major benefit is derived from the taxation concessions, due to the depreciated of a business asset. Finance can be arranged and the interest is also tax deductible along with GST. The running costs, maintenance, marina fees insurance and depreciation are all covered by the income that the boat earns. This enables you to enjoy your boat with somebody else paying the bills. You can still have access to your boat when ever you wish, in fact this is actively encouraged and you can furnish the boat with any little extras that you want.

Choose Skipper a Clipper

EOS Yacht Charter has one of the highest maintenance records in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering the newest fleet on Pittwater and the highest service possible. Pittwater is a beautiful haven not plagued by the hustle and bustle of Sydney Harbour or the navigational dangers of the Whitsundays.

The benefit to you is at the end of your tenure with EOS, your yacht will be returned to you in near new condition. Our owners have unlimited use of their yacht, our staff are on hand 7 days a week to offer help and guidance to our owners. Our location is waterfront with easy parking and the ability to walk straight on and off your yacht. We have a list of clients waiting to take out our boats. Since the recent reshuffle of the charter industry by the ATO the number of boats availble to hire has dropped significantly leaving a major shortage. Now is the best time to come into the charter industry, New owners into chartering for the first time can now comfortably own a charter boat knowing that there is high demand.

Syndicate Yacht Ownership

Ten reasons why you should invest in the Elan 40 yacht syndicate.

  • Cost effective yacht ownership.
  • Turnkey yachting, walk on walk off. No maintenance.
  • Fantastic business opportunities.
  • Guaranteed buy back opportunities.
  • Maximum 5 owners.
  • All owners will have a required level of knowledge.
  • Build equity in the yacht overtime.
  • Two-year “Sunset clause” contracts.
  • Sail Pittwater and Sydney Harbour.
  • Unique options package.

When you own a share in the Elan 40-yacht syndicate, you are becoming a member of an elite group of proud owners. Elan yachts are renowned worldwide for performance and quality. Designed by renowned international designer Rob Humphries, the Elan range succeeds in combining modern technology and expertise with a respect for tradition, elegance and stylish good looks.

Cost effective yacht ownership.

Elan 40 Yacht syndication makes good sense financially. You have all the benefits of owning your own yacht for 1/5 of the cost. Shared by a maximum of 5 owners you have available to you up to 70 days usage of your boat whenever you want it. You can cruise from Pittwater to Sydney Harbour or where ever you wish. Your syndicate decides how the yacht is used and by whom.

Turn-key Yachting

When you step on board your Elan 40 all you have to do is turn the key. All the maintenance has been taken care of with your monthly service fee your vessel has been professionally maintained, cleaned, water, gas, fuelled and turned around for your use. Included in the monthly fee are the costs associated with the following.

The monthly Service fee of $450.00 Includes:

Item Frequency
Hull Buff and Polish Annual
Antifoul, anodes, steering check Annual
Engine service Twice per year
Rig service Annual
Sail service Annual
Insurance Annual
Marina fees Monthly
Deck polish Annual
Teak Clean Quarterly
Safety equipment check and service Annual
Vessel turnaround service 10 per owner/50 per year

The only individual extras are for fuel used. Items broken or damaged, Insurance excess in the event of a claim and repairs and replacement items not listed. Contract costs are not included. Monthly service fee shown is indicative and will be confirmed at time of contract.

After 12 months your syndicate can elect to continue the management fee or to go solo and maintain the yacht yourselves.

Alternative Business Opportunities

Option 1.

Opportunities exist within the framework of the Elan Syndicate for your business to benefit from holding a share. A unique opportunity for you to impress your clients with a day on Sydney Harbour, Christmas parties, New years eve or twilight sailing on Pittwater. Hire a skipper or skipper yourself. Board meetings take on a whole new dimension when rocking gently on a mooring. Use the yacht as an incentive program or team building tool to improve staff productivity.

Option 2.

Become a sponsor and benefit from the profit of the sale of the other shares. Invest in the Elan 40-yacht syndicate by purchasing the whole syndicate. With our help once all the shares have been sold not only will you recover your money plus around 7.5% profit on your investment you will also have had the opportunity to use a luxury yacht whenever you wish. The shares in the yacht are offered for sale immediately the yacht is ordered. You can choose to keep 1 or more of the shares and still benefit from the sale of the remaining shares. As soon as the shares are sold invest in the next yacht and have your choice of vessel.

Guaranteed buy back opportunities.

Purchasing a share in the Elan 40 Yacht Syndicate is also a natural stepping stone to owning your own boat by yourself one day. See this as an opportunity to discover sailing without paying full price. Check out whether the family likes sailing. Find out how much free time you really do have. Just like college, sail with the guidance of the Elan team behind you. When you are ready to leave the nest we are here to help you.

With our guaranteed buy back scheme you can trade your share for the market price when you purchase your next brand new Elan. Only 1 share per calender year may be traded. The yacht must also have been kept in the maintenance program. First option must also be given to the existing members to purchase the share within the syndicate.

Maximum 5 owners.

We believe that upto 5 owners is the magic number for yacht syndicate ownership. Large enough to be cost effective, yet small enough to be manageable. Each owner will have around 70 day's annual usage after 30 days maintenance and turnaround days have been allocated.

You don't need to find the other owners. Each year the syndicate will meet and discuss the needs of the yacht for the following year. This is where any additional expenditure can be discussed as well as owner usage, dates etc. How the syndicate operates is totally up to you.

Each share is worth $84,000. One owner has the opportunity to purchase a larger share at $100,000 increasing their vessel usage as well as individual holdings.

Shares may not be sold within the first 12 months. As each share becomes available it will be made available at market value to the whole syndicate and then to individual members prior to release on the open market. The exact holdings of each member will be agreed at time of contract.

Owner's skill levels.

All share members skills will be assessed appropriately. If required training is available through private lessons. One of the benefits of our service is our trained staff are available at all times for advice and training through our YA approved sailing school. This can begin even before you purchase your share.

The Yacht should at all times be in the hands of other syndicate members only and covered fully with our comprehensive insurance policy for the replacement cost of the vessel. In the event of a claim, the owner on board at the time will be responsible for the excess.

Building Equity

One of the great benefits of Syndicate ownership is the opportunity to build equity and holdings in the vessel over a period of time. As each share becomes available for sale, members can elect to purchase the whole share. Eventually you will become the major shareholder and the owner of a very valuable asset. The big advantage is that shares acquired over time will be at market value enabling you to spread out the cost as well as achieve final ownership at a reduced rate.

Two Year Sunset Clause

A two-year sunset clause is an option open to the syndicate to choose. At the end of the 2 nd year the syndicate contract comes up for renewal, whereby each and every member has the opportunity to sell their share. The remaining members can choose to purchase additional shares, the syndicate can elect to continue on for another two years with no changes or if no agreements can be reached then the yacht is sold for the market rate.

Pittwater and Sydney Harbour

Your yacht will be moored at Bayview on a floating marina pontoon allowing you free access to Sail one of the worlds best cruising grounds.

Pittwater abounds with beautiful, serene anchorages, National Park bushland and golden sandy beaches. You can swim in crystal clear water, go fishing, and enjoy long bushwalks with fantastic views and bathe under waterfalls. Many anchorages have moorings, there are plenty of marinas, restaurants and kiosks as well as shops and local attractions.

Sydney Harbour is the most beautiful harbour in the world. Native bushland, sandy beaches and hidden bays all surround the hustle and bustle of a big city. Restaurants and nightlife are a stones throw away from your mooring or marina berth. Evenings may be spent at the casino or one the many fine restaurants then end up peacefully swinging on a mooring listening to waves lap gently on the hull.

Unique Options package

The Elan 40 Syndicate Yacht is ready and waiting, you can sail away today. The vessel will be released when 4 shares have been sold. This vessel as well as all the standard inclusions found on all Elan yachts has some unique additional options and features.




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