Why sail with us

Pittwater’s location is ideal for holiday sailing. Protected from the stormy ocean waves, you will sail on gentle ripple on most days. Our boats are equipped with all safety gear required. We will take you through a safety briefing and make sure you know where all the safety gear is located and know how to use it. And in the very unlikely event of an emergency help is only a call away.
Every cruising boat in our fleet provides you with tidy cabins, entertaining space, fresh water, toilet with shower, kitchen, fridge, BBQ and much more — your trip will be exceptionally comfortable!
Even though our runabouts cannot offer as many facilities as cruising boats do due to small size, they are also very comfortable and they are fast!
Get the best value for money with our highly completive prices, off-season prices, cheaper midweek rates and flexible start/finish time.
Save up to 40% from single day rate with progressive discounts for multiday charters — the longer your charter, the lower the day rate!
Share expenses with your friends on the boats accommodating up to 12 people by day or up to 8 by night.
 Charters we offer
Active – Bareboat (Hire & Drive)
Navigate a yacht, drop anchor, take mooring, hoist sails or dive from the bathing platform and have a swimming race towards the shore or around the boat. There are activities for everyone – kids and adults!
Relaxing – Skippered
If you are after absolute serenity and relaxation – just swim, sunbath and enjoy yourself thoroughly while feasting your eyes on the beautiful sceneries and let our professional skippers do all the jobs! Please contact us for skippered charters.

Qualification required for bareboat charter

An adequate experience is a must, on top of that boat licence is required to drive fast boats.
We expect you to have boating experience and know what you are doing: rules of road, basic navigation skills, safe mooring and anchoring, emergency procedures, safety gear etc. In regards to whether or not a boat licence required, please check the boat description.
Please note that prior to your departure we would need to check your competency for the sake of your and your guests safety.

So how does it work?

Make a reservation and pay a deposit
On our website choose the boat and day you want, fill out the booking form and press “Make reservation” button at the bottom of the page.
Secure your choice by paying a deposit of 25% of your charter price and the confirmation will be emailed to you.
Pay the balance 2 weeks before the departure.
We will email you a reminder to pay and the payment confirmation once the funds have been received.
We will also send you an email with all the details, tips and instructions 3 days before the departure.
Come to Gibson Marina Bayview on the departure day
Please arrive 15 minutes before the time, be met by our friendly team member, who will finalise the paperwork and take you through the safety briefing.
Once you are ready, we will help you to leave the marina and you will start your journey. When you about to return, please give us a call 10-15 minutes in advance, so we could provide you with the further instructions.

How far can I go and where can I find public moorings?

Please see the charter limits and the public moorings below.

I’ve got another question. How can I get in touch?

Please use the form below.
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