Skipper A Clipper Ownership Program.

Seawind 1000 catamaran is a favoured choice for both bareboat and skippered charters in Pittwater.
Now, you have the opportunity to own and offer this catamaran for hire, enjoying private use as well!

Introducing “Dream Catcher” ownership program

• 50% initial payment
• No running costs (Insurance, mooring, and maintenance are included)
• Repayments from fixed income minimising your final payment at the end of the program.

“Dream Catcher” – Seawind 1000, built 2000
2 double beds, 2 single beds

Program Duration:            3 years (with an optional 2 years extension)

• Purchase price:            $250,000
• Initial down payment:      $125,000
• Repayments by charters:    $36,000
• Operational costs:         $0
• Final payment:             $89,000
• Estimated resale value:    $220,000
(Based on normal market conditions)

• 50% initial payment with 0% interest on the rest, paid substantially by fixed charter income
• $17,000 of savings on interest comparing to purchasing with conventional loan
• $48,000 personal use value – 2 weeks high and 2 weeks low season per year
• $60,000 of savings on insurance, mooring and routine maintanance during the program
• Complete catamaran ownership at the end of the program with the option to use it commercially, privately or for resale

Interested? Contact us via web enquiry or call us 0435 067 245.