Boat ownership

A love of the water and the outdoor environment are some of the reasons people choose to own a boat. The reality is somewhat different. Most people living in today's society rarely have the time to spend every weekend on board their boat. Finances and maintenance are high priority and with the choices and options available, most people want to be free to experience life in its entirety. Skipper a Clipper offers you that freedom.
Financially, owning a boat can be a major burden; we aim to minimise these hurdles. From the beginning we offer advice and help to match the vessel to your needs. We deal directly with the suppliers on your behalf, so you can be assured that when your boat finally reaches the water you have purchased a boat totally suited to your needs.

Boat maintenance

As a one of our owners, you can be safe in the knowledge that your boat is being maintained and cared for by a team of highly experienced people. Our maintenance and training program is second to none.
Joining the family and becoming a charter owner with Skipper a Clipper means that you will walk on and walk off your boat knowing that we will be putting in the same love and attention that you would yourself. All our boats are members of a family each with their own personality, we get to know each vessel in great details and guarantee that every client who steps on board has gone through a process of familiarization on your boat and understands our expectations for the time they are on board.

Financial benefits

One of the major benefits is derived from the taxation concessions, due to the depreciated of a business asset. Finance can be arranged and the interest is also tax deductible along with GST.
The running costs, maintenance, marina fees insurance and depreciation are all offsetted against the income that the boat earns. You still have access to your boat for personal use and this enables you to enjoy your boat with somebody else paying the bills.

Peace of mind with Skipper a Clipper

Skipper a Clipper has been successfully operating boat charter business for nearly 50 years. We pride ourselves on offering the highest service possible. Pittwater is a beautiful haven not plagued by the hustle and bustle of Sydney Harbour or the navigational dangers of the Whitsundays.
With Skipper a Clipper you can be assured that:

  • Respected and organised business looks after your vessel to the highest standards;
  • Experienced marketing team promote your boat in order to maximise return;
  • Our regular inspections and preventative maintenance ensure that the boat and all its components are intact and functional.
  • Your boat is always compliant with AMSA regulations
  • Boat ownership is cost efficient


Give us a call or send us an email.
Whether you have a boat already or just considering buying one, we are happy to have a chat with you to discuss options available.


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